Don’t Miss “Missing! A Cat Called Buster”


Shae Henley writes, Calling all cat lovers!

Calling all cat lovers! In “Missing! A Cat Called Buster”, by Wendy Orr, kittens are dumped by the side of a road and a woman picks them up and takes them to the Rainbow Street Shelter. All of them are adopted except for Buster. Finally an old man adopts Buster, but when the man has to go to the hospital, Buster breaks out of the house. Buster has to fend for himself and finds friendship. This book is perfect for animal lovers. It was sad that someone dumped the kittens at the beginning, but I liked the ending. It was exciting to read about how Buster lived on the streets. It’s a pretty easy read for second and third graders. Also, it belongs to a series, so if you like this one, there’s more! Each book in the series is about a different animal like guinea pigs or dogs. But if you like cats, this is the book for you. I loved this book!