MICROwaves Can Make a MASSIVE Impact


You're going to your first day of seventh grade at Carmody Middle School. You enter the cafeteria. Scope the area. Suddenly you see your friend motion you over.

You're going to your first day of seventh grade at Carmody Middle School. You enter the cafeteria. Scope the area. Suddenly you see your friend motion you over. You sit at the table, waiting to be dismissed. The dismisser lady comes over to your table and says. "Go grab your lunch." You walk hesitantly to the front, deciding which line to go to. You head towards a random line with your friend and wait. You're so excited because you're going to eat 7 th grade food. You think to yourself , "I hope the food here is better than Elementary School," as the lunch lady gives you a funny-looking… eggroll? When you're back to your table, you lift it up and peer over it. Make sure it at least looks edible, never-mind the smell. "Looks a lot like my Elementary School's egg rolls," you think. You take a huge chomp, the way a goldfish chomps at its fish food; vigorously, you take a bite that's as big as your mouth. You feel like throwing up. The food's just as bad as or even worse than Elementary School's. You take another bite. Flinch. Take a bite. Gag. Third bite. You're basically forcing it down your throat. Then you cringe, and rinse your mouth with water. You repeat the following steps, either until you're finished and sick to your stomach, or you throw it away because you're sick to your stomach, OR you're just down-right sick to your stomach because you realize that these egg rolls are the EXACT same ones from Elementary School. You're whipped back into reality.


Life just isn't fair. 7 th grade is no different than kindergarten. Schools continue to serve you frozen plastic. You go to next period hungry, and think, "I'm bringing chips tomorrow." People need food, but not like this. There's a way to prevent this terrorizing time of the day. Forget remaking school lunches. They've tried several times, but the food is still cheap and awful. Microwaves; an invented "oven" that heats up you're food in seconds. Microwaves are the way to go. All middle and high schools should have microwaves in their cafeterias because it fulfills your stomach, the food is tastier and enjoyable, and it proves that we are responsible and makes us feel responsible. All middle and high schools should supply us with microwaves because it will fulfill our stomachs and we might actually eat healthier.


The first time I got Carmody's pizza, I felt sick. I lifted up the pizza and grease and oil poured out of it. Never again would I order our school's pizza. These days, all I bring to lunch is chips and fruit snacks. This is extremely unhealthy and unsatisfying. It barely gets me through 4th period, and then I'm hungry all over again in 5th. Every day, I see kids come to their table with chips or other junk food, along with their main meal. They take a few bites of the main meal, then throw it away, and eat the entire bag of chips. I admit that I am one of those people. If schools bought us microwaves, this wouldn't be a problem anymore. Kids would bring very satisfyingly filling meals such as leftovers, Ramen noodles, or pre-packaged meals. We'd never complain, "I'm STARVING!!!" and we'd eat healthier.


But being full isn't the only reason why schools should have microwaves. Microwavable foods are heaven compared to school lunches. The school spaghetti is nasty. The lunch ladies don't even drain out the water from the noodles. Don't even get me going on the meatballs. They taste like all of the miscellaneous frozen meats in the world jammed into this tiny ball. And then the marinara sauce; once this tomato paste is mixed with the water from the noodles, this bowl of food-like substance tastes like tomato soup with crunchy uncooked noodles in it. Home-cooked spaghetti is way better than this: cooked and strained noodles, delicious marinara and real meatballs. These are just one of the classic examples of scrumptious leftovers that we could heat up in school microwaves. Also, pre-packaged meals are way better than school meals, and they make us feel special because they are just for us. Ramen noodles is another example – it's cheap, easy to make, and delicious. If you buy us microwaves, we might actually enjoy school…or at least lunch.


The last and most important reason why there should be microwaves in middle and high school cafeterias is that they will prove that seventh graders or older are actually responsible. Do you think that seventh/eighth graders don't know how to use a microwave safely? If you've done any good parenting in the last couple of years, we'd know not to put metal in the microwave. Besides, the school could always put up a sign next to the microwave saying, "No metal." We can read. We've been reading since kindergarten. You think we don't know how to tell if the food is too hot for us to take a bite? Here's a dirty little secret; teenagers are smarter than they portray themselves around the house. We know not to burn ourselves because of the heat. After all, we've been using microwaves since we were nine years old or younger.


Of course, school officials may complain that lunch is too short to have everyone heat up their own meal. Well, the school could have several solutions to this problem. One, set up an appropriate time limit and state the ground rules. For example, no person can heat up more than one item per day, and it can't be nuked more than one minute. Two, have multiple microwaves. Three, have a chart that says Kids with last names that start with A through F have the microwaves on Monday, G through M Tuesday, etc. Or you could combine all three. Still think that kids will forget that metal will burn instantly in the microwave? Still think that kids will forget that you have to put a napkin over your food in order for it not to explode? Well, the kids could always have supervisors monitoring us and checking that we don't do anything dumb, unsanitary or dangerous. It is clear that microwaves would make a massive impact if they were put into all of the schools of America. Also, microwaves may even save some families' money. School lunches are expensive when times are tough. Parents, wouldn't it be nice to send your kid leftovers to school, (and I'm sure we'd be happy to oblige), and not worry that kids won't get the nutrients they need? Microwaves will do this for you. Plus, they make kids stomachs fulfilled, so we won't complain about being starving, and we'd live healthier lifestyles. Microwaved food is actually enjoyable and good-tasting, so we won't gripe and complain about lunch anymore. Microwaves will make us feel and prove that we are responsible. We'll finally be treated like the young adults we are. So let's heat things up and get microwaves in all middle and high schools. Some schools have already made the change. Why not all of the schools of America?