Suspense Awaits You on the Green Hill


Zoe Knight writes, Following Under the Green Hill, Laura L.

Following Under the Green Hill, Laura L. Sullivan’s new book takes readers deeper into the world of fairies and magic. Guardian of the Green Hill begins with Meg Morgan’s displeasing discovery that she is to inherit the protection of the Green Hill from her great-aunt Phyllida. As the villain of the story, the painter, Gwindion Thomas, sets out to take back the guardianship from Meg. The Guardian of the Green Hill is a role carried out by the eldest female in the family, which happens to be Meg. The guardianship has many responsibilities, mainly maintaining the balance between fairies and humans. Although the fairies claim they don’t need a protector, the Guardian is necessary to keep the fairies from dying out. While Meg struggles with the decision of accepting the guardianship or declining it, Gwindion takes up residence on the grounds where Meg is staying with Phyllida and her great-uncle Lysander. Meg’s four siblings, Rowan, Silly, and James are also staying in England, as well as Dickie Rhys and Finn Fachan. Each child goes on their own adventures, Rowan solo, Silly and Dickie together, James by himself, and Finn with Meg. When the time comes, will Meg become the Guardian of the Green Hill, or will she let Gwindion take it into his twisted hands?I liked this book better than the first one because there is not as much background on all the characters and set up for the Green Hill. The characters all have a role to play in this book, whereas in the first Silly and James had more minor roles. The descriptions are incredibly vivid, and the climax scene had me on the edge of my seat. I would recommend this book for ages 9 and up, for fans of the Narnia chronicles, and for those interested in fairies. Definitely read the first book before this one so you know what’s going on.Title: Guardian of the Green HillAuthor: Laura L. SullivanPublisher: Henry Holt and Company, LLCNumber of pages: 293