Girl’s Drama


Do you start drama or do you end drama? Drama leaves girls not liking each other and always having drama. Girl's Drama is common for most young teen girls whether they like it or not.

Do you start drama or do you end drama? Drama leaves girls not liking each other and always having drama. Girl's Drama is common for most young teen girls whether they like it or not.


Girl's drama is always going on anywhere between girls. Not only is it just girls it is also boys. But my main topic is about girl's drama. I myself don't understand girl's drama. I don' understand why mostly girls have drama instead of boys. So that is why I am writing this article to try and have you guys helped me figure out some of my questions.


Why Drama?


Drama mostly happened at school but why do you think girl's really have drama? Is it because of jealousy? Or do you think girls start drama because they just want to start drama? Do you think that the girls that are always dealing with drama get sick of dealing with drama? Also girls with drama are also probably getting sick of girls coming up to them and saying oh well these girls said that and she did this. If you have ever started drama think to your self is it really worth starting something big and maybe even facing consequences such as like losing a best friend for all just something that could have never happened or even started.


Grow up?


Sometimes when I see or hear girl's drama I think to myself wow they need to grow up. When I say this I mean when I see someone go up to a person and say oh well this and this said this about you. The person that heard it should just let it go in through one ear and out the other. And just let it go. Do you think it is really worth going up to that person one start drama with them? Maybe that person that told you is just saying that. Really weather it is a girl or a boys that needs to grow up. Think before you do something. And make better decisions about drama so the problem will not get bigger.




Some girls get into fights just because of drama and stupid comments. But when do you think that it is ok to push your limits? I interviewee Chris Stephens "I think if someone starts call you names then just walk away. But if someone punches you while you are walking away then you can punch back. So when do you think is ok to push your limit? Do you think it is ok to suffer consequences over girl's drama?




What do your parents think about drama? My mom always told me that if someone says a mean thing then just walk away. What do your parents think about drama do they think that if someone says something mean to you then should you just walk away or should you argue back? If someone gets physical with you should you fight back or do you just walk away and go tell a teacher? Lexi Cayou. "My mom told me to argue back only when it brings up personal life, but if it were to be a stupid comment then just walk away and act like it didn't bother you. Then again if they get physical then you have the right to defend yourself. Girls place a high value on their social relationships, and any threat to their standing in a social group can shake their self-esteem. As a result, they will do almost anything to maintain or increase their status in that group. Sometimes that can mean taking sides, spreading gossip, shutting girls out, or any other behavior that keeps them in a "one-up" position.


Drama builds when problems escalate due to the above behaviors. Without the ability to diffuse conflicts and preserve the fabric of the group, girls resort to the responses they are familiar with. They see a conflict; perceive that their status is at risk, panic, and react.


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