Tebow-mania; Has it gone too far?


What's happening?


What's happening?


Tim Tebow is getting a lot of for the Denver Broncos. Their secret weapon, Tim Tebow. If you have never heard of Tim Tebow, he has not defeated your team yet. He has defeated 6 good teams recently, including the Cubs, Vikings, the Raiders, and the Chargers.


Kids, around 5, to older people are Tebowing. Tebowing is when you kneel with your head on your knuckle, while your elbow is resting on your knee. Most of my friends do it, especially when reaching for something that fell.


When Kyle Orton, Broncos former quarter back, got tackled and was out for the season, the million dollar second string got his chance. He did one of his famous last second win. It was an epic save.


All around Colorado the next day, everyone in the state was in awe. Everyone thought that Tim Tebow would be the next John Elway.


Over one decade ago the Broncos won the Superbowl, all because of Elway. Now, it is Tebow. When Elway won the Superbowl, all of Colorado was celebrating for a week, or so I've heard. I would like to see the Broncos win one Super bowl when I'm alive.


Critics' Reviews


I interviewed some people some people and I got some interesting answers. I asked "If Tebow got an injury, could the Broncos win the Super bowl?" and Jared Campbell said, "The 4 th quarter come backs lead the Broncos to victory." Every person, when asked that question, said no. One person only said "no" the entire time.




Everyone or mostly everyone has heard of the new star. If not, he has not destroyed or team or you have not listened to the radio recently. He is getting a lot of attention recently in every part of the nation. Radio sports announcers are running out of athletes to talk about, so they are talking about Tebow.


Do you believe that Tebow-mania is getting a lot of attention? Do you believe that the Broncos will make it and possibly win the Super bowl? Is Tebow-mania an addiction? Will Tebow get tackled, like Orton, and be benched all season?