Why Is Vocabulary Corrupted?


Do you swear? Do you call others these words that have become the bad words of the century? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, why? Why do you swear?

Do you swear? Do you call others these words that have become the bad words of the century? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself, why? Why do you swear? Why do you want to cause others to be miserable? Do you even care what you are causing others to feel? Have you realized that what you say, shows who you are and what you are? Swearing has influenced so many of the victims it claims. It is a vile, hideous thing that has covered this earth. Swearing is a modern-day Black Plague, the only difference is where it hurts the most. Swearing is a verbal spear, when it is thrust at someone, it digs in deep and leaves a permanent scar in the hearts and minds of those it is thrust upon and weakens their hope and faith.

I know, because I have been the victim of the endless tormenting of verbal swears. Many people speak the "popular" terms, many others want to stamp them out. A particularly humorous response to this force of action was given from a certain Keith Schmidtke which states, "Slay the foolish ones." Obviously, he sides with those who want to stop the "terrible curse". Those who do curse, sometimes recognize the bad is is dealing to both the listener and the user. One of such people, Braeden Werdel states, "It's a bad, filthy habit." Both of these students attend Carmody Middle School, which proves that good and evil can reside in the same place. Many students swear without realizing it, they also don't realize the evil potential it has on others around them. Maybe they have something going on in their lives, the death of a relative, divorces, family quarrels, influence of parents, these all could play important roles in the reason for swearing. It could also be the way some people get rid of stress.

What's Wrong With Swearing?

Swearing Imposes a Personal Penalty
It gives a bad impression
It makes you unpleasant to be with
It endangers your relationships
It's a tool for whiners and complainers
It reduces respect people have for you
It shows you don't have control
It's a sign of a bad attitude
It discloses a lack of character
It's immature
It reflects ignorance
It sets a bad example


Swearing is Bad for Society
It contributes to the decline of civility It represents the dumbing down of America
It offends more people than you think
It makes others uncomfortable
It is disrespectful of others
It turns discussions into arguments
It can be a sign of hostility
It can lead to violence


Swearing corrupts the English language
It's abrasive, lazy language
It doesn't communicate clearly
It neglects more meaningful words
It lacks imagination
It has lost its effectiveness

A statement on how swearing affects the user and the community

For more on this and other items of interest, visit: http://www.cusscontrol.com/swearing.html

People of both sexes swear, but it is more commonly found in males. One boy, Eddie Sisk said a couple of years or so ago, "I swear because my parents taught me to." At the time, I thought this was a preposterous reason, but as we all matured we realized that this was a valid statement, maybe the parents spent their lives swearing and they passed it along to the next generation.

Some people try to give subtle remarks to try to stop swearing, but swearing has spread too far to stop gently, massive measures need to be taken to stop this "plague". Referring to what Schmidtke said, "Slay all the foolish ones." if interpreted correctly to modern times, he is saying, "Kill all the people who swear." This is a very atrocious solution to the world's common problem, but strong measures like this one may need to be taken. Werdel, when given his opinion on how to stop this problem, he states, "Punishment. Cast them off to a terrible wasteland of torture and mutiny." This solution may be possible if we were able to find such a place and were able to round up all the people who qualify for this punishment. www.rathergood.com/buffy provides a keyboard that lets you know what letters to press on your keyboard to make the image say a curse word to match, websites like these must either be hacked or shut down to start lessening the influence that they create on people. Werdel also says that people who swear can stop themselves from swearing by using a "brainwashing, over night tape" An unknown percentage of the world swears, of the amount of Americans there are in the world sixty-four percent said they use the F-word. We need to stop this, we need to stop it before one hundred percent of all Americans, swear.