A Book Inside technology


The Kindle and the Ipad have gone nationwide, spreading global. It is light and portable and you can read books and play games wherever you go.

The Kindle and the Ipad have gone nationwide, spreading global. It is light and portable and you can read books and play games wherever you go. What some people are asking is why have a Kindle or an Ipad? What is contained on the Kindle or Ipad are things that you mostly have at home or that you already contain.


When you buy these two amazing pieces you expect it to work with no problems and it will be awesome, but when I asked Emily Fournier (an Ipad2 owner) about any malfunction that she encountered with her Ipad she came up with many problems. She said," There are internet problems where you can't connect to the internet, it crashes quite a bit. One time I refreshed it and it deleted all of my apps I owned, also it takes a very long time to connect to certain apps and it is very fragile." Now when I look at it that is a lot of problems but to get more information about it I went on Google. Google said," The biggest problems users has come up with on the Ipad is that there is trouble with getting on the internet and there are problems when it comes to crashing apps."


Comparing the Ipad and Kindle
When you compare the Ipad and Kindle, the Kindle sounds better. When I asked Kaia Dameron (a kindle owner) she said," I have never had a problem with my Kindle; I use it for reading only. I think it is a great piece of technology." Internet seems like the biggest problem between these two, so when you expect to buy a great working piece for all different reasons you don't expect to have all these problems.


Why Buy the Kindle and iPad
When you hear about all the problems with the kindle and iPad it makes you not want to buy it even more so why do people buy the kindle and iPad? When I went to talk to Emily Fournier, I asked her what her main purpose was for buying the iPad. She answered," My main purpose for buying the iPad was for games, I didn't buy it for any educational purposes." Kids are not buying technology for education and they are not buying it to read. If they are not going to use it for education then they should not need this piece of technology. Melanie Eychaner another student from Carmody Middle School says," I think kids now a day are being spoiled; I think it should be stopped."


Content on the Ipad/Kindle
What is contained on the iPad and Kindle are the same things that you already have and you don't need again. There is internet on the iPad and Kindle but you already have internet at your own house or if not, on your phone. That is another thing that there is on these two pieces of technology that you already have. Most people that are in 7th grade already have phones and you get a phone on your iPad or Kindle. So if you already have a phone then why do you need another one? Also it has books and fun games on it.
Tic -tac- toe on the iPad proves that the things that are on the iPad we already have.

The thing is we could go out and get books at the library or at a book store of some sort. Also kids already have enough games, there are so much games and more technology out that it is practically taking over kids and other people's lives. Most people spend an amount of 7 hours and 38 minutes a day on technology, this adding up to 53 hours a week on technology such as games, internet/computer and cell phones! Keli Sevier a 7th grader at Carmody Middle School commented," I think they are a cool piece of technology but they could be a waste of time if you're on it all day." That's exactly the problem kids start over using it and not thinking about the consequences, and eventually we will stop using it.
These are kids watching their TV they look like their age is around 4 to 6.


So what is the point of the kindle and iPad?
The term, "The more the merrier" is not always true. The more technology the more harmful to a kids development and the Kindle and iPad is just another piece of technology that is not needed. We have enough technology and we don't need any more so in this situation the term," The more the merrier" should really be, "The less the merrier."