Bullied: A look inside bullying


Name calling. Abusing. Excluding. Making someone feel bad or lesser than everybody else.

Name calling. Abusing. Excluding. Making someone feel bad or lesser than everybody else. These re all types of bullying and even though there is an infinite number of ways to bully, just one can cause a child to completely melt down and loose self confidence.


Most of the time a bully picks on other kids because they are different or they do to other kids what they are afraid will happen to them if they don't. But a lot of the time it is for their own self confidence. They fell as if they stop doing that they will become less powerful or not as popular as some other kids and a lot of the time the child that is being bullied does not know why they re being picked on.


In a recent survey taken at Carmody Middle School (CMS), 9 out of 10 kids state that they have been bullied in their lives and all 9 of them have been bullied somewhere either during or after school which really tells you something about how kids behave around other kids.


After asking all of the survey participants why did the bully, bully you in the first place one anonymous source states, "because they hated my guts" and after asking did you know the person who was mean to you, do you why they did this to you I got the reply, "not really, they had no reason" which really spoke to me as to why do children treat their peers in such a manner causing them low self-esteem and depression.


I might know how this effect kids because my close friend and I decided to become friends with a person who does not have a lot of friends and when we became closer they told us how they felt when they were bullied. "I feel alone and scared, like no one cares about me when I am bullied" says the friend.


One adult who has dealt with bullying says that most of the time even after they come up with a solution the bully does not stick to the solution and they bullied child is once again bullied. Or they just can't come up with a solution.


So if or when you see bulling stop it and do the world some good. Especially at school.


  1. Whoa. If  these kids are

    Whoa. If  these kids are getting bullied, they need to inform someone from the the school, and the school needs to take action. This kind of stuff is against Colorado law, people!!! 

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