Carmody School Lunches- Are They Good For You?


Do you purchase a school lunch? You probably do, since many of us do not have time to pack a lunch ourselves.

Do you purchase a school lunch? You probably do, since many of us do not have time to pack a lunch ourselves. Which leads to the question: Are the hot lunches at Carmody Middle School nutritional?

Serving Many Choices

At Carmody Middle, the cafeteria serves many healthy choices. Those choices include many fruits and vegetables. They also serve whole wheat bread. Many dishes also include protein.


However, many choices are unhealthy. These choices could include pizza, chips, crackers, ice cream, and cookies. Have you noticed that it seems like unhealthy foods are the majority of the extra choices?


I wondered why this is, so I set out to interview a few people. Both people I interviewed mentioned it might be a way to get kids to spend extra money at lunch so they can raise money for the school.


Should Carmody focus on raising money for the school, or focus on serving healthy meals to their students?


I asked this question to Matt Lenneman who said, "They should focus on raising money, but not through junk food, this is against what they're getting at."



Does anybody know what his or her school lunch is made of? Not a lot of us know like Aimee LeTerneau. I asked her, does Carmody add organic and nutritional ingredients to their meals? She answered, "I have no idea."


However, maybe some students know, like Matt Lenneman. I asked the same question to him and he said, "A little here and there, I guess like the whole wheat bread but otherwise, no."


Is it hard to make a healthy choice when you do not know what the food is made of or what ingredients may be added? Personally, I say yes! It is not always easy to tell just by looking at the food!

Which is the healthiest?

Is food at home healthier then the choices at school?


I asked another Carmody Middle School student, Lauren Thompson who said, "Most definitely home because I have healthier choices." Students can also look at the ingredients on the labels while preparing their lunches at home. Something we cannot do with the hot lunches at Carmody. This helps them to see if the ingredients are good for them and make a healthier choice.

So, is lunch at Carmody Middle School healthy?

The cafeteria does serve many healthy choices like whole wheat bread, products the contain protein and other nutrients, fruit, vegetables, and milk.


However, they also serve unhealthy food like chips, crackers, ice cream, and pizza.


In conclusion, I believe that the nutritional values of the meals served here at Carmody are probably half-and-half. It really depends on what choices you make. If this is an important issue for you, I think you should be aware of the choices you are making, read labels when you can and maybe pack your own lunch more often!