What if I Don’t Want to be a Rocket Scientist


Do you strongly admire Science, or despise Science class? Whether you like it or hate it, have you ever thought of the reason why?

Do you strongly admire Science, or despise Science class? Whether you like it or hate it, have you ever thought of the reason why? Science is what has given us much technology, whether people have love or hatred for it.


What Jots The Mind When Thinking About Science?

When people think of Science, they think of the human body. More specifically animal organs; brains and hearts of animals that are brought in to class. When asked particularly what he likes about Science, Mitchell Corry said, "I like seeing what the organs look like."


When asked if she thought that Science should be an elective or core class, Laureen Hinderlider said, "I think Science should really be an elective."


When in Science, it seems like you always can have a sense of what your learning next. In Science you study: Chemistry, The Human Body, and Physics. Science is like family, when it's here, you abuse it but when it's gone, you miss it.

The Human Body; Muscle Diagram


Should Science Be An Interest Class Or Required?

From many people that liked and disliked Science, I got that you should always have the choice to say whether you want to be in Science or not.


"Maybe we can just have a small quiz on what we would like to learn in Science?" said Gisele Rapp who seems to think it would be a very good idea, "what if I don't want to be a Rocket Scientist?"


If Science would be an elective, maybe the teachers are afraid that few students would be interested, but a survey says that 16 out of 24 students would indeed choice Science as one of their two elective classes. It seems that everyone had a strong reason for their answer, may it be yes I would or no I wouldn't choose Science.


When I decided to ask a few people that like Science if it sometimes frustrates them, I was very surprised with my information I got.


"Yes, sometimes it does frustrate me but I wouldn't take time to get tutored," Gisele admitted which forwarded my question, would you be embarrassed to be tutored.

Gisele, gesturing a no, and responded, "No, I don't think so, some of my best friends were tutored."


While I strived for more information I found that Zariah Johnson had much of a different response.


"Science only bugs me when I can't understand what the teacher is explaining," Zariah commented quickly, "and if I needed tutored, sure, I would use some my time for tutoring."


This brought up the very interesting question why kids who need help won't take it, but kids who don't need help, would.


A More Educated Opinion

As everybody knows, teachers are far more educated than the students are. In my opinion, I call the Language Arts teacher at Carmody Middle School, Mrs. Wright, a more educated opinionest. When I asked her if she would rather Science be a core or elective class, she thought hard and said that she would lean in the direction of a core class. "I think that Science class provides the basic knowledge that the students need to know."


It seems that Mrs. Wright was a fan of anatomies in life science when she was in school, "I loved Life Science because I could really see the connection between everything inside our bodies, with chemistry I couldn't see the connection so I didn't enjoy it very much," Mrs. Wright said with a grin as I wrote down the interesting info she was giving me.

To get even more dignified information, I asked one of the Science teachers at Carmody Middle School, Mrs. Price, a few questions. She loves Science, so I figured she would be much obliged to help, which she definitely was.


"I think Science should be a core class," Mrs. Price answered to my question, "because voicing yourself in front of others. in Science, you put life concepts together which apply to you." And when I curiously asked her what benefits she thought you get from Science, she laughed and replied, "You get to have fun! You get to work on teamwork and practice You learn to make better judgments, and it's the most fun class ever!"


So I assume now, because we all know how many wonderful things have been created by science, that over your life span, your own opinion on whether Science is prior or optional will change very much. Not all of us would agree on if Science should be an elective or core class, although we all know Science is important.


The Knowledge We Know About Space Is From Science