Why shattered dimensions is actually worth playing


Last year, a game was released by Activision and Beenox. The name was Shattered Dimensions.

Last year, a game was released by Activision and Beenox. The name was Shattered Dimensions. When I found out more about the game, I found out that its full name was Spider man: Shattered Dimensions. Now don't stop reading, just because it says Spider man on it doesn't mean the game was kiddish. In fact, it's rated T for teen. I am a big Marvel fan, and I was excited. I even got it, and it did not dissatisfy me. It was quite great.



The gameplay was wonderful, the moves and the way the game guides us were the best part. But it had some weak points too. In the middle of a fighting sequence my camera position wouldn't be right, and correcting it is so hard. I was annoyed, but otherwise the gameplay was great. Not to mention the entertaining bad guys.



Most people look at the graphics and then judge the game. If you are one of those people, you will be impressed. The graphics were realistic and very comic book like. There are no flaws. The place were the graphics show the best are in the 2099 levels. Overall, the graphics were extraordinary.



The main thing about almost every video game is the story. Same here too. The main plot is that Spider man accidentally shatters the Tablet of Order and Chaos in a battle against Mysterio. The fragments of the Tablet are shattered across four dimensions. Luckily, all four dimensions have their own Spider men. The Phsycic Madam Web guides the Spider Men throughout the story. In these dimensions, ruthless villains use the tablets power for there own deeds. It is up to Spider man (or Spider men) to take these villains out.


The 4 Spider men:



This Spider man lives in the year 2099, in a futuristic New york. The voice actor was the voice actor for the 1970's Spider Man T.V show. This Spider man relies on speed and super spider sense. The area is enjoyable and tremendously cool.



The same old Spidey we all have known. But he uses more webs than any of the other Spider men. Also he is the more sarcastic and funnier one in the group.  The villains are enjoyable, the character gives you more laughs, and the voice actor is a more recent Spidey voice actor. Starring as the voice of the new Spider man animated series.



This Spidey is more intense and serious. Living in the late 1940's, this Spidey takes on the mafia gangs of the New York underworld. Also this Spidey relies on stealth, hiding in the shadows, and serious stealth takedowns. This is mainly because of the lack of strength and the dodging ability. The voice actor here is the actor for the well known 1990's Spider man show.



This Spidey is a different take on Peter Parker. First comic book published in 2000, this is a more modern take of Spider man in a younger form. This Spidey also has the Black Suit. Giving it the power of black tentacle like things and more rage. It's very useful when it comes to being surrounded by a ton of goons.


Overall the game was pretty good and I enjoyed it pretty good. I would highly recommend it giving it a 9/10.