An Adventure with Bertie


The wonderful play writer Beatrice Shakespeare Smith also known as Bertie, takes a wonderful adventure with her fairy friends Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Moth, and Mustardseed and also her human friends Ariel, Nate, and Waschbar. They are trying to get away from Sedna the evil sea goddess. Bertie was spending some time in Caravansi, a city, and Sedna wanted Bertie killed so badly that she flooded the whole city that was near the beach. She gets invited to Her Gracious Majesty palace to perform a play. Along the way she unleashes a fire dancer from a ring. Her name is Varvara. She seems very nice along the way until when they get back to the Theater Illuminata and the fire dancer almost destroys the whole theater. But someone saves it. But who? I would recommend this book to ages 9 and older because there are a few bad words.