Beyblade Extreme top system IR spin control is not all it’s cut out to be.




You may have seen the old Beyblades in the past, but now the Beyblade company has a new product. It’s the old Beyblade, but it’s remote controlled. There are four functions, one that makes it spin faster, one that makes it do a special attack, and two that make it go left or right. But it’s not really that much better. The tops overall performance is reduced quite a bit by the added weight of the electronics. At $25 it’s not cheap either, and definitely not worth the money. Don’t even try to use this toy inside your house because the irritatingly loud noises will drive your family members completely mad! I think it’s really great that the company that makes Beyblades has tried to add features but they were not completely successful. I believe you’re better off just buying the plain old Beyblades. You’ll have more fun and save some money while you’re at it.