Zoo Fun on the Big Screen




         How would you feel if you owned and managed a zoo. That would seem fun. This has actually happened in real life. The movie We Bought a Zoo is the true story of a family zoo in California

         We Bought a Zoo (directed by Cameron Crowe) tells the true story of a single dad named Benjamin (played by Matt Damon) living with his two kids, who buys a house on 18 acres of land that houses a closed down zoo. This zoo maintains 47 species, seven of which are endangered.

Bored with his current life as a writer, and mourning the loss of his wife, Benjamin and his family need an adventure. So to get the adventure started, Benjamin and his family purchase a house located on 18 acres of land. This land is part of a run down zoo.

         After Benjamin purchases the house, he wants to open the zoo. The zoo was closed down because it couldn’t pass the state inspection.

         My favorite part of the movie was when the snakes were on the loose. It all happens when Dylan opens the snake box as here turns off the garage light. He forgets to close the lid and the snakes slither everywhere. For some people that might be a gross out.

         This movie is very heart-warming. There are some sad and happy parts. By sad, I means Rosie and Dylan mourning their moms loss. Dylan is the big one. He shows his sympathy in pictures. Blood, dark, and sad pictures are shown. On the bright side, most parts are happy.

 This movie is great for families. Kids would love the animals and adults would like the heart warming scenes. However, there is a little bad language here and there, so its rated PG, but overall it is marvelous.