The Real Facts About Obesity


          30 years ago 1 out of every 10 people were obese, now 1 out of every 3 are, in the United States. Obesity is not just bad for our own bodies; it’s also not good for the government. Why? First off, when your obese it causes some of your internal organs to shut down. This means the government has to provide health care for you. Obesity also causes people to not work as hard because they can barely move, due to the body not used to all the excess weight. So, the people working don’t always get their work done.
 When people are obese it really hurts their bodies. All the grease from all the greasy foods obese people eat clogs up the arteries, which stops blood flow, which causes people to have heart attacks.
 That’s why obesity is not only bad for your body but is bad for the government and people around you. And, face the facts, America is fat and NEEDS to get in shape.heart