An Exciting Exhibit Slithers All the Way to Colorado




Where would you expect to find an exhibit on lizards and snakes? Most people would probably say “ the zoo." If you say that, you would be wrong. At the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, a lizard and snakes exhibit has just opened. And people won’t be the only living things there. The exhibit contains a variety of live lizards and snakes open for public view. "I think the animals added more action to the museum," said Brian Hostetler, a curator at the museum.


This wondrous exhibit contains fun, interactive games, a entertaining video that teaches you about animals such as a flying snake and a lizard that walks on water, and a show that is lively and enjoyable for young children. The exhibit lasts February 3rd to July 8th. This marvelous exhibit contains more than 60 lizards and snakes, ranging from 15 foot long pythons to 6 inch long lizards. They were surprisingly active for lizards and snakes, probably because they're interested in their new habitats, so if you want to see them active, I would try to go see them as soon as you can, before they get settled.


Many children at the exhibit like looking at the snakes and lizards. Jordan Thompson, age ten, says this: “My favorite animal is the Burmese Python. I like it because it is huge and fat.” Other animals on display include the Crested Gecko and the Rhino Lizard. Caring for these animals is actually not a lot of work for the museum staff and volunteers. The exhibit comes with a caretaker who handles the animals by himself. All the museum needs to do is buy the food.

            In addition to the animals, they also show how snakes and lizards are being killed for their skins. At this exhibit, you can see python skin boots, lizard skin purses and several other illegal items that were smuggled across the border into the United States. The most devious of all of these were the python boots. The creators of these knew that they would be in great trouble if they were caught, so they put a cheap leather over the boots to disguise the python skin. Once they got across the border, you could slice off the cheap leather to find the python boots underneath. However, they were caught going across the border and the guards cut open the leather to show the python skin. These boots are on display at the exhibit.


The opening weekend of this exhibit lacked the potential number of visitors possible due to the colossal 2 1/2 feet of snow that covered Denver and its surrounding areas. Even so, this exhibit was not expected to be as popular as some of the other exhibits shown there, such as Pirates and T. Rex Encounter, according to Brian Hostetler. Because viewers can not touch the animals, the museum added as many interactive exhibits as possible.


I hope you enjoy and appreciate this exhibit as much as I did.