The Lorax; An Instant Dr. Suess Classic


Just think about the old Dr. Seuss classic, "The Lorax," and then picture it in an animated film! Well, it's finally here . . .

Just think about the old Dr. Seuss classic, "The Lorax," and then picture it in an animated film! Well, it's finally here . . . so come see "The Lorax!" It is full of incredible characters, music, animation, and a deep moral that goes beyond the pages. This movie is great for all ages, young to old, and you will be sure to enjoy every last minute of it. In fact, you won’t want it to stop! The movie had good overall production, and had an exciting beginning, middle, and end. You will be carried off not just by the tale itself, but also find yourself wrapped up in the background story of Ted, Audrey, and Mr. O’Hare.


When I went to see the special screening, it was quite crowded with children and adults. I saw it in 3D, and I definitely suggest it to everyone. It was worth the extra money for sure! There was an air in the theater of excitement. No one could wait for the film to start. Once the movie began, I was very intrigued and couldn’t wait for the rest! Ted, a talkative boy who is voiced by Zac Efron, wants to find a real Truffula tree for his friend, Audrey, who is voiced by Taylor Swift. They live in the town of Thneedville, a city that is surrounded by walls. Inside the city, nothing from nature (not even dirt) is allowed. They even have fake trees! Mr. O'Hare is the greedy mayor who sells fresh air to the polluted city so he can be rich, believe it or not! So Ted goes to the Once-ler, an old-timer who relates his devastating and laugh-out-loud tale of the Lorax, revealing why trees were gone. In short, the Lorax tried to stop the younger and greedy Once-ler from ruining the environment of fish, birds, bears, and others. However, he did not heed the Lorax's words and continues to create his invention, the Thneed.  A Thneed is a ‘thing that all people need,’ or a piece of Truffula tree fabric which can be used as a sock, a hat, pants, towels, shirts, and anything else either. Yet to make his Thneed, he needed to chop down the real Truffula trees, thus destroying the creature's habitat.


I had numerous impressions throughout the film. At first, I thought that the movie was humorous and adventurous.  Then, as The Lorax and his friends have to suffer from the Once-ler's decisions, I was quite sad and full of emotion for the creatures. I felt the same way when the Lorax left the now destroyed land. I have to admit, some points in the movie were a bit of a lag, but the film went right back to excitement, leaving me on the edge of my seat! By the end, I was feeling just as cheerful and excited as I had at the start. Overall, I thought that it truly was a fantastic movie, and on a scale from one to four, I would give this movie a 3.5, or three and a half stars.


I think that this movie was a very Dr. Seuss-worthy film, because it wasn’t just regular animation, yet resembling his original drawings. Of course, it was very colorful as well. Two of the main characters (Ted and Audrey) were named after the Geisel’s first names.  After all, Dr. Seuss’ real name was Theodore (or Ted) Geisel, while his wife was Audrey Geisel.


This all-around good motion picture was, in my opinion, a hit. But the purpose of the film isn't completely for entertainment, but rather to remind people about taking care of our environment and helping the animals that we find.  You can make a difference! See the new movie "The Lorax" at your local theater, and you won't regret it!