Sweet Evil


     In Sweet Evil, Anna herself is a walking paradox; half- devil/ half- angel.

     In Sweet Evil, Anna herself is a walking paradox; half- devil/ half- angel. Though her dad is a demon, Anna’s mother was a fallen angel, so Anna definitely has a good side… and a bad whether she knew it or not. As Anna begins to discover that she is not like everyone else (she has powers beyond belief such as being able to read peoples’ emotions), she has all too many questions. Questions that no one (not even her step mom, Patti) can answer.


Anna doesn’t have a clue what she is until she meets a mysterious drummer, Kaidan Rowe. She finds out that there are people out there like her. This makes her feel more accepted but even more confused.  What is she? Why does she have other unexplainable abilities? Later on, Anna goes on a trip across America to visit her dad where she discovers who she really is, and what she has to do in order to live.  Sweet angelic Anna is stuck between two dilemmas: Help humans or sin against them? Love or be killed?


      Sweet Evil is a mind- pondering book that will keep you begging for more. Not only does the book get better the farther you read into it, but the ending will have you begging for the author, Wendy Higgins, to write a sequel… and fast. The beginning of this story is very confusing and a bit boring. However, as you get into Anna’s and Kaidan’s story, you can’t help it but to keep reading. The relationship between Kaidan and Anna is very cute. Anna falls for Kaidan like any other lovesick girl but you never truly know how Kaidan feels for her. This is a very cool part of the story that makes me applaud the author because I want to know more about this unique drummer. This novel is very mysterious and makes you question if there really are angels and demons taking a bite at our nearby Taco Bell. Sweet Evil is in the genres of romantic and fantasy.


Though the book has many pages, the font is easy to read and large. If you love reading about modern day angels/ demons, thirst for a great romance novel, or want to try out something fresh and new, read Sweet Evil. Though it may not have been my first choice of book, I can honestly say that Sweet Evil was a sweet surprise.