Cool Academic Games for Kids!


Be honest with yourself…

Be honest with yourself… how often do you study for the subjects you aren't as swell at?  Math?  Maybe language arts?  Perhaps even science?  Well, with all of our recent technology, there is a way to study all of your worst subjects.  But it's better than that, because the academic mini-lessons are hidden in game form!  In fact, it proves to be the most popular game website in the USA!  My brother hopped online and typed in, 'cool math games' and found this website.  It features not just math, but every other subject as well.  My classmates have found it too, and are now stuck to it's entertaining games.  I'd say that it is a great resource for all ages, except higher-grade level academics.  Most of the games that are based off pure logic, so be prepared to test you mind on this entertaining website online!  to get there, type in, 'cool math games,' like my brother did, or go to  See you there!