Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


The actors and actresses were perfectly fit for their part in the movie. Julia Roberts was very good as the Evil Queen.

The actors and actresses were perfectly fit for their part in the movie. Julia Roberts was very good as the Evil Queen. She had the perfect accent and did a good job portraying a jealous, scary, angry, selfish, and funny monarch. “If you want someone dead you have to do it yourself,” said the evil queen. Armie Hammer played Prince Alcott and he was amazing with Julia Roberts. Under the queen’s spell, he played a very believable puppy dog, one of the funniest scenes in the movie. Lily Collins played the sweet and innocent, yet fearless Snow White. In her first scene with the Prince, Lily’s character was beautiful with her black hair, golden gown with hood, and innocent face. In my opinion, the dwarfs were the funniest of all the characters. While their names were not the same as in the original fairy tale, each dwarf had his own unique personality that resembled the original seven. For example, Half Pint was like Dopey and had a crush on Snow White.
   Another reason “Mirror, Mirror” was fantastic was because of the setting and costumes. The colorful dresses at the ball were magnificent. Snow White had a white dress on with a swan hat. The queen wore what looked like a peacock dress. The suits were even more bizarre. Prince Alcott had a nice suit but had a top hat with bunny ears coming out of it. The setting was very beautiful. The movie mostly took place in a very majestic castle atop a cliff overlooking a grand lake. Other scenes took place in nearby forest, with trees, snow, and the dwarf’s domed rock house. There was a lot of detail in the woods and the queen’s mirror that made them looked so realistic.
 This movie didn’t exactly follow the original story line, which made the movie exciting and fun. And this fairy tale ended differently than what you would expect. We all know the story; Snow White lives in the forest with the seven dwarfs. She eats the poisonous apple. Then Snow goes to sleep, when Prince Charming comes and gives her a kiss to wake her. But there is a little twist to the end of this movie. While this 90-minuet movie is fun for boys and girls of all ages, this comedy did have an important message to young girls. In “Mirror, Mirror” Snow White demonstrates her independence. She stands up for herself and doesn’t need a prince to save her; girls are strong on their own.
This was an incredible experience to see an old classic reconstructed into something up to date and entertaining to all ages. This story went from laughing out loud to weeping at the sight of true love. What is love? “Love is passing the potatoes,” said Grub.