Book review: Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly


Angel Fire, written by L.A. Weatherly, is the second book of the Angel trilogy.

Angel Fire, written by L.A. Weatherly, is the second book of the Angel trilogy. The story takes begins in Angel Burn, where 16 year old Willow Fields discovers her rarity as a half-angel, the seemingly impossible combination of sadistic energy draining aliens that pose as heavenly beings (angels) and an innocent victim (human). Alex, a 17 year old trained to kill angels, eventually rescues her as the “heavenly” beings seek to destroy her and her power to destroy all of angel-kind. As the unlikely pair begins their trip in irate silence, they develop something more- impractical but definite and unyielding love.

Willow finds out the truth about angels, and her mother that she once considered an invalid is actually a victim of “angel burn”, a disease that occurs as angels feed off a human’s life source. Her anger ignites a smoldering and fiery anger. She will do anything to bring the end of the angels, and her chance comes when Nate, a “rogue” angel (Nate is against the angels using humans for survival), and Sophie, a CIA agent, come for Willow’s help. A new wave of angels is about to attack Earth, stronger than the first- and Willow is the only person who can stop it. Alex refuses to let Willow go, but she knows the fate of Earth lies upon her shoulders. So Willow goes…


… And fails- rather than stopping the oncoming wave of angels, she gets into a deadly combat and barely escapes with Alex. Continued in Angel Fire, they are now on the run, fleeing to Mexico City. Alex plans to train some new AKs- Angel Killers. However, even as they make it to temporary safety, Alex fears he may be losing Willow. Suddenly, handsome and mysterious Sebastian Carrera has come into Willow’s life. What he doesn’t know is that Willow dreamt about him… and fell for him. Willow’s emotions are more conflicted than ever- she is torn between Alex and “Seb”- because even if Alex is her boyfriend, Seb is possibly the only other half-angel in the world. Now, Willow Fields’ life is fraught with emotions and the danger of watchful angels. As the new AKs are trained and prepared to battle the oncoming dangers, Willow must make a choice between Alex and Seb.


L.A. Weatherly perfectly captures teenage angst and romance, and blends it smoothly with the action and warfare in Angel Fire, making this book a great match for the Twilight crowd. I would recommend this for girls ages 14 and up, due to some mature content.