Black Boy White School gives an Inside Look on Racism


          Black Boy White School written by Brian F.

          Black Boy White School written by Brian F. Walker, tells a story about Anthony Jones, a fourteen year old African-American boy who tries to make a better life for himself.

           Anthony lives in a ghetto in East Cleveland. Smoking weed and drinking alcohol is the popular thing to do. Gangs and drug dealers are on every corner. One night, Anthony’s friend is murdered in a drive by shooting and Anthony realizes he needs to be somewhere other than East Cleveland.

         Black Boy White School gives an inside look at racism. Being one of the few black kids in a predominantly white prep school in Maine, Anthony learns about prejudice, relationships and how to fit in.

          What I liked about Black Boy White School is the positive message of standing up for what you believe in. Anthony stood up for what he believed was right, even when everyone else around him tried to change him.

           This book will open your eyes to racism that still occurs in some schools today. I would recommend this book to mature readers. The dialogue contains a lot foul language, and at times is hard to follow. However, the story is descriptive and will leave you with a lot to think about.

                                           Black Boy White School is a book worth reading.