The Amazing LEGO KidsFest


Attention all LEGO fans!!!

Attention all LEGO fans!!! If you missed the LEGO KidsFest on April 27th, 28th, and 29th, you’d better mark your calendar for next time it comes because this year’s LEGO fest at the Denver Convention Center covering three acres was incredible! They had everything from LEGO DUPLO to Mindstorms and everything in between. From kids to adults, all ages had a great time building and creating all kinds of different structures.

 There were all sorts of interesting LEGO things there. There were huge sculptures made entirely out of LEGO such as a giant LEGO Batman and giant Chewbacca. Most of the LEGO statues were life-size which made it very cool.

Another cool thing they had were monochromatic (all the same color) builds. The only different colors were blue, pink, and green, though. One drawback of the pieces all being the same color is that all of the pieces were the exact same piece which I really didn’t like.

But my favorite thing about the LEGO fest is Creation Nation. Creation Nation is a place where they have an outline of the United States and you can build whatever you want out of LEGO and have the people working there put your creation inside (or outside) of the outline of the U. S. A. I liked this because kids can be creative.

The last thing I’m going to tell you about is the challenge zone. This is a very cool station where they give you three minutes to make something out of LEGO. For example, my challenge was to build a jungle animal in three minutes with only 20 pieces. When the three minutes are up they give you a prize when you leave. Oh, I forgot to mention the master building class where one of the seven master builders in America will give good advice about building techniques.

All these cool experiences (and much more) are why you’ll love this fun event. So mark your calendars for next time it’s here! Because the LEGO KidsFest will be coming your way!!!