The Revenge of the Fruit


Hi.  My name is Lemon.  I'm going to tell you a story.  I lived in a land called Refrigerator.  I had just got there from Store, so I didn’t know many rules.  Eve

Hi.  My name is Lemon.  I'm going to tell you a story.  I lived in a land called Refrigerator.  I had just got there from Store, so I didn’t know many rules.  Everyone in Refrigerator lived in constant fear of Humans.  Humans were gigantic monsters, about twenty times my size that came in once in a while and took someone.  I hadn’t been there for a raid yet, but I heard it was terrible.  No one was ever known to come back.  About twice a week a Human came in and brought new foods from Store.  I had been in the latest delivery.
One day, I was playing stemball (football for you humans) with some friends.  “Hike!” Cucumber yelled.  I ran my route, trying to get away from Spinach, who was covering me.  When I finally got away from him, I turned around.  Cucumber saw me.  He threw the ball.  It spiraled in the air, a perfect throw heading directly at me.  I caught the ball and ran.  I put all of my energy in my legs as they pounded the ground.  Spinach was running after me.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him launch himself at me.  He tackled me to the ground, and scraped his knee.  Dark green blood oozed out of the cut.  Some of it smeared on me.  I didn’t know it, but that’s what would save my life in the future.
“Are you okay?” I asked Spinach.
  “Ya,” he said.  “Just a small cut.”
“First down!” Cucumber announced.  “Nice play, Lemon.”
But at that moment, the first down didn’t matter anymore.  Because that’s when the alarms started blaring.  I knew what that meant.  It meant a Human raid.  Everyone in Refrigerator knew what to do.  We all stopped talking and lay down, unmoving.  Terror crept up my spine.
Suddenly, a huge clicking sound filled the air all around me.  The alarm stopped.  A light turned on so bright, I cowered in a corner, not having any leaves to cover my eyes with.  A searing pain lingered behind my eyes.  A blast of hot air hit me smack in the face.  I started to sweat.  That’s when a rumbling sound seemed to come from everywhere.  All of Fruit Bin started to move.  I was rolling uncontrollably.  A huge object reached in.  It was coming towards me.  I was frozen in horror.  All I could do was watch it as it picked me up and carried me into the Kitchen.
I only had time to see massive cliffs coming up on all sides of me when the deepest and loudest voice I had ever heard said, “EWE!  IT’S GONE BAD!”  I looked up and swathe Human’s face.  It was almost three times my size, with two roundish…things at the top (that I assumed were eyes), a triangular blob in the middle (a nose?), and a long gash at the bottom (maybe a mouth).  I screamed.  It was gazing at the green smear of blood from Spinach during the stemball game.  I had totally forgotten about it, but I guess it looked like Mold (a sad disease when a fruit or vegetable gets old).  I was thrown into a basket full of…were those seeds?!  And a stem?!  I was sick.  I had to get out of here.  I managed to jump out and rolled across the floor towards Refrigerator, but I couldn’t open it.  Then I had an idea.  I jumped onto a cliff, and looked through the window.  Outside, there was an Apple tree.  Perfect.  I got a pen and paper and wrote a note to my friends:

Hi.  Don’t worry, I'm fine.  Here’s a way to escape the humans: take any kind of green liquid you can find, and smear a little bit on yourself.  When the Humans notice, they’ll think that you’ve gone Moldy.  They’ll put you in a basket.  Roll out onto the floor and meet me next to the cliff that is closest to Refrigerator (you’ll know what I'm talking about when you come out).  Once everyone’s out, we’ll go to an Apple tree outside and live with the Apples.

I slipped the note under the Refrigerator door, and went to sleep next to the cliff I had mentioned in the note.  I knew it would be a while.