“the children and the wolves”


Wiggins and Orange are helpless.

Wiggins and Orange are helpless. Wiggins’s mom is a drug- addict who smokes weed while Orange’s dad has been in a wheel chair and is pretty much the worse dad ever… he spends his days drinking a beer and watching  television.  These lost boys can do whatever, whenever, anywhere they want. And suddenly when fate introduced these two helpless boys to a rich girl named Bounce, their lives will change forever. With her wealth and their longing for a leader, Bounce, Orange, and Wiggins are inseparable.  In “the children and the wolves” written by Adam Rapp, Bounce is persistent on getting her revenge on this mysterious poet. And she’ll do anything to kill him… even if it means abducting a two- year- old girl from her family to raise “money for this poor missing girl.” Though Orange is madly in love with Bounce, Wiggins is starting to question his beliefs. Why is this right? Why is he just going along with their evilness? And most importantly, will he do anything about it?


Never in my life have I ever read anything like this. It is told in many points of view which continue to fascinate the reader. For each chapter, there are really short paragraphs which results in a quick read. “the children and the wolves” truly makes you believe that it was written by children and I can’t help wondering how Adam Rapp pulled that off. “the children and the wolves” can only be read by 12- year- olds and older. There is drug reference, tons of cussing, and violence that is not suitable for young children. If you don’t like violent or sad books, do not read this story. But if you want an intense, realistic- fiction novel, read “the children and the wolves. ” The ending is a total cliffhanger which will leave you speechless.   Though it is short, “the children and the wolves” will forever have an effect on you, and your heart.