Switched at Birth




Switched, by Amanda Hocking combines romance, action and magic to create a book that’s intense and hard to put down. The novel is about Wendy Everly. Reading the prologue really helps you understand the story better. In the prologue Wendy’s mother tries to kill her because she is convinced Wendy is a monster. 11 years later Wendy finds out that she isn’t that far from being a monster. She will soon find herself using magic in a world that is hidden from humans.

Wendy has always had trouble in school and always seems to be getting expelled, forcing her Aunt and older brother Matt, to move from town to town. In her newest school, Wendy meets Finn Holmes who, she finds is always staring at her and she soon decides to ask him why. Wendy doesn’t know why, even though Finn creeps her out, she feels flattered and safe when she is around him.

On the night of the school dance, Wendy catches Finn spying on her through the window, much later than he should be out. She’s confused by this because her room is on the second floor, but even more confused when Finn knocks on the window and she lets him in without a second thought. Finn tells her news that at first she doesn’t believe but is later forced to follow because she is convinced she is no longer safe after a brutal attack.

What is the news and is it important? Can Wendy really do magic? Is Wendy even a human and if she’s not, why did she grow up with other people? To find out you’ll just have to read the book for yourself. Switched is part of a series that you will probably want to read if you read this book. The other books are Torn and Ascend. If you like Switched, you’ll love the other books. This book was written for kids 13+ because of the bad words, violence and threats.