Dreaming up Dreamless-Full Interview



Ella Fogarty-Did you base any of the characters in Starcrossed and Dreamless on real people?


Ella Fogarty-Did you base any of the characters in Starcrossed and Dreamless on real people?

Josephine Angelini-All of my characters have bits and pieces of people I know in them.  I like to ground my characters by giving them personal touches.  For example, I named Helen’s father after my big brother Jerry.  He and I are very close and even though the character Jerry has a different personality from my brother Jerry, I wanted to keep our great relationship in mind every time I worked on scenes between Helen and her father. 


 Ella-How did you come up with the idea for the saga?

Josephine-I saw a copy of The Iliad sitting next to a copy of Romeo and Juliet on my bookshelf and I wondered why no one had tried to modernize the story of Helen of Troy.  Here’s a tip for any young readers out there:  If you ever find yourself wondering why someone hasn’t written a story that you think would be cool, that means you are probably the one that is supposed to write it! 


Ella-How long did it take you to complete Starcrossed?

It took me eight months to outline the whole trilogy and write the first draft of the first book.  I spent about another three or four months after that working on the manuscript with my agent and editor.  Writing is a lot of re-writing. 


Ella-Were there any authors and/or books inparticular that inspired you to write the saga?

Josephine-The books that mostly inspired me were The Iliad and Romeo and Juliet, but I also re-read all of Jane Austin’s books right before I started Starcrossed to get myself in romantic frame of mind.  I’ve always loved her stories.


Ella-Is there anything special that readers can expect in the next installment?

Josephine-Dreamless takes place partly in the Underworld.  It’s darker, scarier, and it has a lot more action that Starcrossed.  I also introduce a new character named Orion, and I have a feeling a lot of readers are going to like him.

Ella-Is there a character in either of the books that you are especially fond of?

Josephine-Helen is my favorite—I love to torture that poor girl!  But apart from her I really enjoy writing Hector.  He says what he thinks and her never second-guesses himself.  It really is a blast to live vicariously through him. 

Ella-When do you think the next book will be finished?

Josephine-All three books in the trilogy are done.  Goddess, book three, will be out May 2013.


Ella-What is your favorite part of writing?

I like writing action sequences.  It feels like my own private movie is playing in my head while I write and I get to make it up as I go along.  It’s very exciting.

Ella-Do you think you will write another series and/or book after the Starcrossed saga is finished?

Josephine-I’ve already started writing a new series and I hope to keep writing for the rest of my life if I can! 

Ella-What is your advice for young writers looking to be published?

Josephine-Keep at it.  Writing is a process, and nobody’s first draft is ever perfect, but that doesn’t mean you should give up.  If you really love to write, try to keep in mind that constructive criticism and re-writing will make you better at it.  And good luck!  