Overview of High Trails


High Trails is a fun option for everybody who wants to learn about being outdoors and having a blast with nature.

High Trails is a fun option for everybody who wants to learn about being outdoors and having a blast with nature.

High Trails is basically an outdoor camp where you learn about different things outside. You have an option of having a three-day trip, four-day trip, or a five-day. You sleep in cabins that are divided into a west and east side, a teacher’s room, and a bathroom. Each side is cramped, with lockers next to each other and bunk beds with enough room for a person to walk comfortably between it. On the top of each bunk is a lamp for the night. The teacher’s room is way more spacious than the rest of the place. In the center wall of the room is a fireplace where you may roast marshmallows. It’s located in the front center of the cabin, where they have a clear view of the front porch. The bathroom is located on the back center part of the cabin. It has three showers, six sinks, and four toilets. Special rule may apply, such as one shower reserved for people ages 15 and up, sinks that can’t be used because they have problems, or toilets that flush for minutes unless if you want your cabin to flood.

All of your meals take place at The Lodge, which is just like a restaurant. Every meal, a cabin will be chosen to be Able Waiters. Able Waiters are designed to get everybody’s tummy filled up quickly. Whenever a table runs out of food, they send their waiter for more. Waiters eat half an hour earlier than the rest of the group, given instructions on how to help other tables get their items. After all of that, they ring the bell, signaling that the food is ready. The meals begin with a thought for the day, which is a quote, and everybody digs in. The meals are peanut free and fresh made from the kitchen. Sometimes, the food is unusual with weird names, such as Fritos mixed with beans, cheese, and meat and it's called Frito pie. Dessert is served at lunch and dinner, and it’s either cookies or cake.

Then come discovery groups. There are colored stakes on the ground that mark out your discovery groups, which are randomly chosen. Each discovery group teaches a specific subject based on their name. All of the discovery groups are taught by high scholars, and they all dress in suits to make them look like the person they’re pretending to be. Most of the costumes are normal, but they can get out of control sometimes. Most of the time the teachers talk with a steep accent. For example, the trappers subject teaches about how trappers lived, what their houses looked like, and how seldom they met people. You build a bridge to pass a stream by the log-fall method, where a log is pushed over the edge of the river. The river is dried out although, just for your safety. The bridges are really stable if they’re built properly, able to sustain many people walking over it. You also are shown a stick that a beaver gnawed through, and trap, and a beaver foot to show how a beaver got caught in a trap. You also can get a chance to build a shelter like the trappers. It takes thirty minutes for a group to get the frame done, and another thirty to waterproof it. Different groups also have fun things; Indians have archery, Woodsmen have a 4-story tree house, or Prospectors go mining. The only thing in common with the groups is that a long hike is included.

One night of your trip, you’ll go to the Interbarn. The Interbarn is a place where you learn about way more subjects, like plants, the brain, and even pond scum. Once again, high scholars are teaching at the stations. Once you explore one level, a whole new level is available for you. Some stations may not be available to you because nobody chose that one, and that can be disappointing at times. Many of the stations focus on only one thing, but some cover an array of things related to the subject. Some stations are dull, others are amazing. The optical illusions were my favorite station. It showed some cards that confused you and some toys that had nothing to do with the subject.
Every day would start out with a hike, than breakfast. I strongly recommend bringing a full bottle of water along with you because dehydration can ruin your trip. Bring a camera to catch exciting events, for that they can happen anytime. Also, look for a walking stick because it will be helpful later. Breakfast can be exciting for that the meals are different each day. Discovery groups came next, where you will be introduced to your guides/teachers. Afterward, you go back to your cabin, where you might take a nap while waiting for the lunch bell. After lunch, you go to another discovery group, which will be exhausting. Then you will have recreational time, where you choose what activity you do next. Then it’s dinner, a rest break considered by most people. A visit to the Interbarn or a play is next, and it’s fun. Finally, you have cabin time, probably roasting marshmallows. And then, you go to sleep, which is what you want the most.

High Trails is a tiring yet fun camp to everybody.

For more information, go to http://www.htoec.org/