Chemistry? Or Magic?


In 1952, Janie Scott is just an average 14-year-old girl from San Francisco.

In 1952, Janie Scott is just an average 14-year-old girl from San Francisco. She likes to practice walking like Katharine Hepburn on her way home from school, and her biggest problems revolve around algebra…Until someone starts following her. The very next day, her parents announce that they will be leaving the country and moving to London in just a week’s time. New to the country, the school, the people, and the customs, Janie soon meets Benjamin Burrows, a fascinating boy who wants to be a British spy, despite his father’s wish that he continues the family tradition and becomes an apothecary. When her new friend’s father goes missing, however, they are both introduced to the secrets that the old apothecary holds; a world of magic and impossibility.
In “The Apothecary” by Maile Meloy, join the children on a quest to save the apothecary, and perhaps the world. Meet Pip, the hilarious and charming young thief whose antics are just as likely to jeopardize the mission as they are to save it; Jin Lo, the kind but dangerous ally with a dark past; and the Shiskins, the Russian immigrants who may be able to tell the children where the apothecary is. Watch as the stuck-up Sarah Pennington may just be helpful after all.
This is a masterful work of historical-fantasy. The descriptions sparkle with clarity, and the story comes to life from page one. With edge-of-your-seat suspense and a charming romance, this book will quickly invite you in to the fantastical side of mid-20th century England. Perfect for 5th grade and up, this is a wonderful and charming read, and I highly recommend it.