Yogurt Wars in Greenwood Village




         You said you wanted ice cream but your mom insisted on getting yogurt.  Oh no! Don’t panic though, yogurt is good, in many ways.

         Frozen yogurt is good and healthy way to have a sweet dessert.  It is almost like ice cream except for the good nutrients that benefit your body.

         Yogurt has now almost taken over ice cream (even though ice cream still is popular!) There is one particular location where it seems yogurt has more location then ice cream. That is Greenwood Village, CO.

         Greenwood Village has about three yogurt places that are popular. However, the population versus locations is difficult. It is almost war between customers and money in Greenwood. That is why we tell you each locations daily doos, privileges,  and dis- advantages.

         Lets first start off with Nellas. For most of the day it sits empty. It is more at night when it is alive. So in order to beat the rush, I would say to go around two. It is perfect for a little snack after a swim. It is only 39 cents an ounce and has many flavors. Sadly, the company switches out flavors every six weeks meaning if you want a flavor and it isn’t there, you have to wait six weeks to have it arrive.

         Next we have Yogurt Yuphoria, which is very close to  Cherry Creek High School. This place serves yogurt for 35 cents an ounce. It seems the right price because of the company’s very low number of flavors and toppings. They are however in a good location to get customers. High School students are always up to a yummy snack after school.

         To top this “Yogurt War” off, we give you Yogurtini. Yogurtini has two featured flavors every quarter.  They provide a healthy option by providing NSA choices (no sugar added) and a vegan sorbet switched out often. It is close to many restraunts gaining more attention for dessert.

         Guess you can top your body off with a new way to have a healthy dessert.