Beautifully Written Novel Will Keep You Reading


I’m not crazy. At least…I don’t think I am, anyway.

I’m not crazy. At least…I don’t think I am, anyway. In the book Life Is But a Dream by Brian James, that’s what Sabrina has been thinking for the last three months she has spent in the Wellness Center—in other words, a loony bin. She can see the world like no one else sees it—the sky changing colors and static rippling over the world. In her eyes, she’s the only one really alive; everyone else sleepwalks through life.
Her parents used to think she was special in a good way—now they call her schizophrenic.

One day, Sabrina looks up and sees Alec, a boy she instantly recognizes as a boy she has met  in her dreams multiple times. They’re complete strangers, but Sabrina believes they know each other, and they’re meant to be together. Alec is different, like her, except he believes that they’re special in a good way.

Alec and Sabrina make it their mission to avoid being “changed” into sleepwalkers by the doctors; they instead, chase their dreams. It’s them against the world, and the main question is this:  Is the world crazy, or are they?

I really enjoyed this book; it held your attention with every turning page. No parts were ever boring, and it’s really heartfelt and emotional. I like how James shows the world through Sabrina’s eyes—it gives you a chance to see someone’s opinion that you never would normally.

This book is a fantastic read for ages twelve and up. It’s 234 pages, but don’t let the low page count hold you back. Life Is But a Dream had me anxiously flipping through the pages, and I’m sure anyone else would be, too.