Truly Amazing


The 50 year old Marvel comic that America loves recently got a reboot, updating it's graphics, special effects, characters, and plot line.

The 50 year old Marvel comic that America loves recently got a reboot, updating it's graphics, special effects, characters, and plot line. This time, staying true to the original graphic novel that Marvel created, the Amazing Spiderman is a five star family movie.
 The story begins with Peter Parker as a child, whose parents disappear mysteriously, leaving him to live with an aunt and uncle. Peter (Andrew Garfield) grows up to be a socially awkward and bullied high schooler, but is also brave and very intelligent. His life takes a dramatic turn when he is bitten by a genetically modified spider during a lab tour. Peter soon discovers that he has acquired special powers and traits like a spider. It affects his vision and reflexes and he can crawl up walls with super strength. Eventually he realizes that he can help the police catch criminals, while falling for fellow classmate, Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). He soon learns that Gwen’s father, the chief of police, is trying to catch the mysterious vigilante that calls himself Spider-Man. While Parker tries to figure out what his new purpose is, he also seeks answers regarding his parents' disappearance. He goes to his father's former partner at the genetics lab and ends up assisting him in the same research his father was working on before disappearing. Little does Peter know that this research will lead to human crossbreeding, dangerous serums, a mad scientist and a monster that he unknowingly helps create. Now, as a hero, he must defeat it to save the city of New York.
 I think that The Amazing Spiderman is a fantastic movie. Although the 3D didn’t enhance the movie, it still made the film more fun. It is rated PG-13 and I don’t recommend it for anyone under 12, due to some violent and scary images. The brief romantic scenes work well in the story, making Peter seem more human. Both boys and girls will love it because it has a great love story and an epic battle. Also, the movie involves genetic concepts, algorithms, and altar egos and you have to piece things together like a puzzle. This could get confusing for young kids.
Compared to the older Spider-Man films, I felt this one had updated graphics and special effects. When Spider-Man swings from building to building, it looks believable, where as to the older ones looked more computerized. Some may disagree, but I think that Andrew Garfield made his character more dynamic and humorous than Tobey Maguire. He characterized the struggles of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in a way that made him seem more human.
The Amazing Spider-Man is a must see. All I can say is get your popcorn and snacks before it starts, don’t take any breaks throughout, and don’t leave the theater before the credits start rolling. You will regret it.