Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je: High School Camp


The first day I went to Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je (located in Bailey, Colorado) I was extremely nervous, maybe even a little terrified.

The first day I went to Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je (located in Bailey, Colorado) I was extremely nervous, maybe even a little terrified. There were going to be kids way older than me, I was feeling homesick, and not to mention this was my first time going to any camp. I quickly grew more and more nervous as more and more people started arriving. As the day goes on, we raise the flag, eat lunch, and do a night- time scavenger hunt. There we pitched a tent, did a crazy obstacle course, tried to find a water bottle with glow sticks in it with no such luck, and confessed our faith.


First things first, Camp Id-Ra-Ha-Je (I’d rather have Jesus), is a Christian camp. We have chapel with inspiring sermons twice a day, missions at most once a day, daily devotionals, and pray before we do every activity and meal. However, anyone is welcome; it’s not just limited to Christians.


On the second day (still homesick), the activity of the day was team ropes. Not only was I walking across a tight- rope, I had to rely on my partner. Reaching across to grab your partner in mid- air+ The fear of falling+ Not being able to grab your rope harnessed to you= Probably the most terrifying thing I’ve ever done in my life! Later that day my team and I went to Jacob’s ladder, a huge wooden ladder that you had to climb up with a partner. It wasn’t a surprise that you couldn’t use the ropes to help you up, but only your partner. I chickened out after a group couldn’t even get on the first part.


The third day was my favorite. At four in the morning, the entire high school camp hiked up Inspiration Point, a beautiful mountain where at the top you could watch the gorgeous sun rise. It was no wonder they called it Inspiration Hike. The hike was very difficult but once I made it to the top, I felt like I could do anything.  On the way down, I got the opportunity of repelling down a rock, and you bet I took it! I could do anything! And after we got back? Nap time! Afterwards, during free time, I rode on a zip line where you soared over the camp. The view was incredible. And I was no longer homesick. I was having the time of my life.


Noah’s Ark rafting was what lay ahead on the fourth day. Being a beginner, I was pretty anxious. After they went over all the safety precautions, I was thinking that we were rafting the Amazon River. But it turns out that the water was relatively calm this time of year. And I had a great time, besides the soaking wet feeling in your feet at the end.


The rest of the days were a blur. I remember playing dodge ball against Aspen View (middle school camp) and trouncing them, and doing more team activities such as attempting to get across four small pieces of wood that were far apart from each other with only two smaller rectangles of wood. Though our team failed, we knew that we tried our hardest, and that was all that mattered.


I climbed to the top of a tree and tried to jump off and grab a bar that was hanging in mid- air (second most terrifying moment in my life) and was about an inch away from reaching it.


We did an activity called the flying squirrel where you are attached to a harness and you keep running until the counselors pulled you up and you are left dangling in mid- air. I even got to do it twice!


High school camp played a rough game of capture the flag and my team was dominated twice in a row, but I even managed to tag my opponent.


We also did night- climbing where you climb up a rock wall when it is very dark outside. Once I got to the top, I literally had to jump off the rocks so I could touch the top of the wall and complete the job.


I also remember going to Mountain Village and buying inspiration cards that will be with me forever, divulging in a delicious snow cone, and making a bracelet that I just put on right now. I met so many new faces and had an amazing time. I learned what the true mission of life was, how to face your fears, and break away from what the world is telling us to do, and be a better person.


Camp Id-Ra- Ha- Je is a camp where anyone is welcome. You will do crazy yet exiting and exhilarating activities and meet tons of new friends. Not only are there other camps for other ages, but each camp does different activities that are age appropriate for that camp. It will be a life- changing experience that you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life. So for next summer, I sure know which camp I will be going to, and no question about it!