Behind the Scenes at the Denver Public Library



You’ve probably been to a library somewhere. You’ve probably seen the librarians shelving books and answering questions. But, there’s a lot more to being a librarian than just shelving books. I had the chance to interview librarian Kellie Cannon who works in the Teens Department at the Denver Public Library.
A librarian’s job is not what you would expect. Kellie’s job includes some of these activities: playing video games with kids, making Duck Tape crafts with teens, teaching other librarians how to play video games with kids, and teaching people how to read Monga, which is a Japanese comic book.  Wow!! Who knew that a librarian got to do all those things??


During our interview, Kellie talked about how a book comes into the library. First, a book is purchased by the Purchasing Department. A book is purchased if it is in popular demand. Part of Kellie’s job is to talk to teens and find out what kind of books that they want to see at the library. "The more you tell us the better the library is,” she says. Once the book has been purchased a person, not a machine puts the sticker that says the author name and the barcode on it. Then, the book must be registered in the catalog. Finally, it is put out on the shelves.


So as you can see, there is much more to the library than meets the eye.