Sorting and Shelving Library Materials Just Got Easier


When you walk inside the monstrous Denver Public Library, you see books, movies, eBooks, audiobooks, and music as far as the eye can see.

When you walk inside the monstrous Denver Public Library, you see books, movies, eBooks, audiobooks, and music as far as the eye can see. You can check out all of these great pieces of entertainment, but have you ever wondered how the items go from the slot where you slip them in when you are finished with them, to the shelves so other children, teenagers, and adults can enjoy the treasure that you encountered? Well, there is a very interesting journey that all of your returned library products begin, once you slip them into the return slot.
First, you have to return your product. There are two return slots outside of the library, so you do not have to enter the building. These slots are perfect for library customers if the library is not open, they are quick and convenient. There are also slots inside the library, these slots are great if you are not in a hurry, you reserved a product online and you want to pick it up, or you just want to browse around for a few more items. These return slots are on the first floor of the building for the guests` convenience. Once, you return your library-borrowed item; they begin their journey back to the shelves.
No matter which slot you place your item in, they all end up in the Automated Return System. If you return your product outside you do not get to see the second step of this process. After you place your borrowed item in the outside slot, you do not see your book anymore throughout the Circulation System. If you return your product in the slot inside, you will be able to view your item traveling on a conveyor belt until the conveyor belt stops. When the conveyor belt stops, that means that your library rental is at the bin it needs to be at, so that then it can be wheeled back to the shelf with the other items of its genre or the items with creators of a similar last name. The conveyor belt will dump your product into the bin on the floor. That is the last step that you will be able to see of your library product`s journey, but your items journey does not end.
Throughout the day, more books are sorted into your product`s bin, your item`s bin is growing full as quickly as a racecar speeding around the track. Eventually, your rental`s bin has to be dumped out, so an employee wheels the bin into the room and toward the shelf where the products in the bin are supposed to be. Then, the employee places all of the items in the bin on to the correct shelf. Once the products are on the shelf, all of the items are ready to be checked out by more people, eager to read, listen, or watch all of the products, including yours, again.
The Denver Public Library`s Circulation System is a well oiled machine, that requires employees, an Automated Return System, and a bunch of excited citizens, with library cards, ready to check out a variety of enjoyable products.