The 10th Mountain Division


10th Mountain Division

10th Mountain Division
The 10th Mountain Division nicknames the “ski troop” was a Division of the United States Army. They fought enemy army soldiers of the Italian Campaign. The 10th Mountain Division soldiers were trained in Camp Hale, Colorado.
Camp Hale
Camp Hale itself was between 5,000 and 247,243 acres big. On a map it is between Leadville and Red Cliff Colorado. Camp Hale was a training camp for 10th Mountain Division members. They were trained in winter-weather survival and skiing as well as being training in normal military combat. Inside Camp Hale was also a rock climbing school that the soldiers also attended.
The Soldiers
The soldiers of The 10th Mountain Division were drafted during World War 2. Then they were sent to Camp Hale for training. Then they stayed at Camp Hale in till they were needed. The soldiers made $21 a month and back then that was a lot. These men would come home hard core soldiers.

The D-Series
The D-series was only active from January- May 1944. For 3-4 days a week the soldiers would have no cabin or tent and no fires. Then they would have 3-4 days where they could build a lean-to and a fire. This camp was more hard core training than Camp Hale. The soldiers would even have to sleep in the snow. Imagine how cold that would be!

The 10th Mountain Division is still in service in Colorado and New York.