Steamboat’s Web of Hikes


Have you ever wanted to stand on a foot bridge and feel the power of water rush below you?

Have you ever wanted to stand on a foot bridge and feel the power of water rush below you? Have you ever wanted to sit on a rock in the calm riverside while admiring the tumbling, storming rapids only feet away? Have you ever wished to stand on a small edge of land while gazing out at the valleys and waterfalls of nature? If so, then Fish Creek Falls, in Steamboat Springs, is the hiking place for you.

 Fish Creek Falls is considered a must-see in Steamboat Springs. This web of hikes has signs all around town directing you towards it. People of all ages are attracted to these short hikes. Most people enjoy this hike.

 The first of the three hikes is Overlook Trail. It is around a quarter of a mile, and takes you to two scenic overlooks. This trail is slightly steep, but the views are worth it. I would advise you not to go in the middle of the daytime heat, or from around twelve to two.

The first overlook is about halfway up the trail. On it, there are environmental signs, which line this specific hike. People can read and learn, or just gaze out on the river below. To your left,the trail continues, but straight in front of you, a forest environment cushions the river below. The second overlook is the end of the trail. Here, you can view the falls crashing to earth and admire the greenery. More educational signs accompany this view point, and many people crowd around to read them.

The second hike begins in the parking lot. After descending Huff and Puff Hill, you will reach a foot bridge and a river. Once across the bridge you may continue another 1.75 miles to the upper falls. It is a relatively steep trail, and is fairly rocky. After that, you begin on the trek to Long Lake. This lake is five miles from the parking lot, and after that the trail proceeds to join other wilderness trails.

If you want to turn this into a day hike, there is indeed a picnic area. It is accessible from both the Overlook Trail and Huff and Puff Hill. All in all, I enjoyed this hike and would recommend the shorter hikes to ages five and up, and the harder hikes to nine and up, excepts for people with knee or ankle support issues, or those who struggle with breathing at high altitudes. Have fun in Steamboat Springs!