The 64th Annual Burro Days




Fairplay, Colorado has its annual Burro Days for one weekend in July every year. Do you know what a burro is? It is another name for a donkey. At Burro days, they have burro races, dog races, llama races, outhouse races, over 140 craft and food booths plus they even have people dressed up in costumes from the early 1900’s.

The burro race consists of a burro and a racer who run 30 miles up Mosquito Pass and back. Or if you can’t run that far, you can participate in the short race and go 15 miles partly up Mosquito Pass. Ever since the first race in 1949, the winner has received money. This year the first place prize for the long race was $1,000. There were 37 participants lined up for the long race. But remember, this is no burro riding. This is pulling a donkey 30 miles. All the burros must carry a few things: a packsaddle, a pick, a shovel, and a gold pan. All together everything must weigh 33 pounds.

Something I thought was a funny element of Burro Days was the “outhouse races”. Teams create silly versions of outhouses and race them down Main Street. They even have people in the outhouses during the actual race! It was laugh out loud funny.

Many people love to escape the city for the fresh, cool rocky mountain air. So if you ever need an excuse to escape towards the end of July, check out Burro Days.