Boot Camp by Todd Strasser


     Can you imagine life in prison? Or in a concentration camp?

     Can you imagine life in prison? Or in a concentration camp? Well, even though 15 year old Garrett is not a criminal, he is treated worse than one at Lake Harmony, a fictional boot camp from Todd Strasser’s novel, Boot Camp. Lake Harmony is for “troubled teens,” which are sent there because their parents believe that they are “out of control.” Little does Garrett know what Lake Harmony has in store for him, like the endless beatings for no apparent reason, or mental “re-wiring” of his brain. Garrett cannot fathom how other teens have been here for years.

     When Garrett hears word of an escape plan, it could be his only way out. Should he try the impossible for freedom, or endure the inevitable torture of Lake Harmony?

      Told in first person, the reader will get a real perspective of what Garrett’s life at Lake Harmony is like in 235 pages. What happens to him is nothing short of what happened to Katniss in The Hunger Games. Even though it is suggested for twelve and up, I would only recommend it to 14 and up, because of lots of language and violence, drug reference, sexual reference, and the overall content of the book. If you’re looking for a horror story with violence and the whole nine yards, then this is the book for you.