Breckenridge Fun Park


           If your family wants a good day trip, go to Breckenridge Fun Park.

           If your family wants a good day trip, go to Breckenridge Fun Park. When you get up to Breckenridge ride up the gondola and at the third stop get off the gondola. There you stand at the Breckenridge fun park. At the park there are many rides like the Goldrunner roller coaster which rides through the trees but is does not go upside down so anyone can ride it but some people might have to ride with a adult. The next ride that they have is the alpine slide. This slide is a slide that goes down the mountain after you take the chair lift up. Anyone can go on this ride but like the roller coaster some people may have to go on with an adult.  Also at the park there are many activities. The first activity is 18-hole putt putt golf that anyone can and the next activity is a bungee jump that goes super high, and last there is a rock wall and  just for fun you can mine for gems. Breckenridge does not forget about little kids so they put in a bouncy house that has a slide in it  there are pony rides and a maze. You can also take your bike in the gondola and bike ride and take hikes up and down the mountain for exercise. And if you are hungry there are many food places. Breckenridge provides individual passes for each ride if your up just for an hour or two or if you’re up for the day, they provide day passes, which only cost $75. All in all Breckenridge is a great place to spend the day.