Lakeside Amusement Park




Lakeside is a small, fun, historic amusement park that has been open for over 100 years. They’ve got a wonderful kiddie play land for the little ones and a real rock’en rollercoaster called the Cyclone!


The Cyclone is a wooden rollercoaster with lots of ups and downs. It does not go upside down or anything crazy like that. On the Cyclone you jerk around a lot. That’s the only bad thing. It starts off scary, in a very dark wooden tunnel. You see, the fun is just starting! And then out you burst into the bright sun. Instantly you’re going up, up, up into the sky! And, well, every up has a down, right? Especially on the Cyclone!

Here’s the thing: On the Cyclone if you don’t put your hands up and yell “Wahooo” you’re not living on the edge. That’s what the Cyclone is all about. That is a key element to any rollercoaster! Make sure when you first go on the Cyclone that you still have plenty of time to spare because you will want to ride over and over again.

The nice thing about Lakeside is that there are lots of trees that provide plenty of shade for everyone. There’s also grass and nice picnic tables to stop and sit. All of the rides at Lakeside you’ll want to do at least two times!


If you ever do go to Lakeside, the Cyclone is a fast-paced ride for anyone who just loves the thrill of rollercoasters!