Rebel McKenzie – a hilarious book!


Rebel McKenzie  by Candice Ransom

Rebel McKenzie  by Candice Ransom

Reviewed by Ellory Boyd


Have you ever had to do something you didn't want to do, in order to achieve something you did want to do? This is exactly what Rebel McKenzie must do. Tomboy Rebel, along with a kooky cast of heartwarming characters that include a barrette wearing bully, a nephew that has lunch with God, and a famous hand model; have the summer of their lives when Rebel comes to stay with her sister and nephew in their trailer park.


More than anything, Rebel wants to be a paleontologist. So when she hears about a Kids Ice Age Dig in Saltville, she desperately wants to go. But digs cost money and she is flat-as-a-pancake broke. So when she finds out her snobby new neighbor, Bambi Lovering, won $250 playing a ukulele behind her head in a beauty pageant, she decides to give it a shot. Inviting her new friend, Lacy Jane, to sign up with her and calling upon the help of Rebel's sister and a special new friend, they work all summer to learn how to beat Bambi for first place in the pageant and have a great time doing it.


Personally, I found the story entertaining and comedic. Although, I thought that the beginning was a little confusing and it took me several pages to fully understand what was going on. Also, parts of the ending were a bit unnecessary. The characters have lots of depth and you really feel for them. Every character is very unique. This book was a great summer read. I definitely enjoyed it and think you will to. Read Rebel McKenzie and I guarantee you will be cracking up!