The Cloak Society


The Cloak Society is a wonderful book. But instead of being told by the hero, in this novel, the story is told by the villains. This story is about a highly secretive band of super villains who call themselves the Cloak Society. They have gone underground since the Rangers of Justice, their sworn enemies and the protectors of Sterling city, defeated them in an epic battle ten years ago. Now they are raising a new generation of super villains to destroy the Rangers of Justice once and for all. And Alex Knight is one of them. Alex and his colleagues/friends are being raised to hate the Rangers. And they do. But when they run into the Junior Rangers at a bank robbing, Alex mysteriously saves a blonde Ranger. Everyone was mystified, even Alex. But now the Society is planning on attacking the Rangers headquarters, and Alex doesn’t know who he will fight for.

I would recommend this book for kids 8 and up, because it has some larger words and violence. It is a medium sized book with 278 pages. It is written by Jeremy Kraatz. And has no illustrator. All in all, I thought The Cloak Society was a great book.