Kip Moore: Upcoming Country Legend


  I was sweating, biting my nails, and listening to my heart beat faster, and faster, and faster.

  I was sweating, biting my nails, and listening to my heart beat faster, and faster, and faster. I was so nervous approaching the Red Rocks amphitheater, I couldn’t believe what was about to happen. For all of the other people arriving at the theater, this was just a concert, but for me it was a lot more! I had a fabulous oppurtunity just minutes away and I was terrified!


  Earlier that week, I had found out that I had the chance to interview Kip Moore! A vey popular country singer and the opening act for Dierks Bentley. Kip had texted me the morning of the concert confirming the interview. I had written my questions, I had written my follow-up questions and I had gotten a recorder. I was perfectly ready!

My parents and I got out of our car and started walking up the long, dirt road. With every step, I got more and more anxious! We got to the Amphitheatre and made our way down to the stage. We went around to the small backstage area where there was a line of the meet and greet people. The person organizing the meet-and-greet came out and asked if we had a pass. That really sped up my heartbeat because we were personally invited so we didn't have a pass. But, eventually I got invited back by Kip’s request. His manager directed me through the door and introduced me to Kip Moore! I was shaking! First, I took some pictures and then we got to the interview!


I asked him plenty of questions, but I feel the most important one was when I asked him what it was like to hear his first song on the radio. His exact answer was, “It was simply the most surreal moment you can ever have! Because I’ve been kicked in the teeth in town for years, so I got emotional. It was completely surreal, I was humble, and excited all in one. ”


Once he answered this question, I could feel my self relax more and more, realizing he was just a normal, nice person with an incredible talent! This interview has taught me so much about people, and interviewing in general! All in all, my first interview was an experience I will never forget!