The Dumb Friends League




       Your probably wondering why dumb is the first word in the Dumb Friends League. Well,  people who can’t speak are considered dumb.  Animals can’t speak so they're considered dumb.

The Dumb Friends League is a shelter that takes any kind of animals from giraffes to pigs and goats.  What do they do with them? They can’t keep it in the shelter. They bring animals to a place where farm animals stay. The shelter gets animals from anywhere in the USA. Some shelters don’t take dogs so they send it to the Dumb Friends League.

This shelter gets 50 to 100 animals a day. If they get animals that are under 8 weeks old, they bring them to a foster home. This is a temporary home for the animals. If an animal is found lost, they wait ten days to see if the owners will come  and pick up their pet. If a pet is found after hours,  they stay at the night kennels with water in them for the animal. The shelter does not put food in the night kennel because they don’t know what animal it is. 

The first animal that the Dumb Friends League takes are dogs. . The lost and found dogs stay at the back of the shelter to get to know their environment. The dogs that are ready to get adopted stay at the front of the shelter. The next animal is cats. When you walk into the shelter there are 2 colony rooms where the baby cats stay. When you walk further, there is another room where the older cats stay. There is also a room where cats that don’t do well with other cats stay.  The last animals are small mammals. They take rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rodents, bunnys, ferrets and even chinchillas. The Dumb Friends League is the cleanest shelter but if you go there it might smell a little stinky.