Travel on Gulliver’s from ‘Gulliver’s Travels’


     For this summer vacation I have been in Spain.

     For this summer vacation I have been in Spain. For a day and two nights I stayed in Valencia, the third largest city in Spain.There is big park with lots of grassy areas, benches, playgrounds and bikes to rent; it’s a bit like City Park in Denver but bigger. There is also a huge playground, about the size of a football field with a lot of slides and ropes to climb on. The playground is shaped as Gulliver from the book and movie that came out in 2010, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’. This playground is also great because there are benches and grassy areas in the shade if you don’t feel like playing or want to take a break, along with bathrooms and vending machines with ice cream, soda and water. It is also nice to come here after a day of shopping or going to the Oceanografic, the largest aquarium in all of Europe.

      If you are planning a trip to Valencia, Spain anytime soon, I would recommend adding this to your schedule. It is best to go at about 6:00-7pm to avoid the heat and spend half an hour to an hour playing. One would think that it would be good for ages 3+ but don’t let the 2 year old on the trip stop you from coming. To find out were it is type ‘Pont del Regne, Valencia, Spain’ in on google maps and zoom in.