Message for Colorado Kids from Dr. Jane Goodall




eTown is a radio program that is recorded every week in Boulder, CO and is broadcast all over the country.  On August 22, 2012, Dr. Jane Goodall was a guest as part of the grand opening of eTown Hall.  Jane Goodall is a hero because she is trying to save the world and is hoping to get human beings involved with saving the chimpanzees and their habitats.

I was able to ask Dr. Goodall the following question:

Q: "What's the most important thing that you think the kids of Colorado should know about you and your chimpanzee program?"

(I was glad I had a voice recorder with me, for she explained a very detailed answer about the chimpanzees.)

A: "First of all, chimpanzees are more closely related to us than any other animal. And it is because of learning about them that we understand that we are part of and not separate from the rest of the animal kingdom.

So that is one really important thing and chimps have done that for us.

And the other is that if we don't act soon they will all be gone. They are disappearing very, very fast in Africa.

They are losing their forest, they are being hunted for food to make money- rather than to keep people alive- and human populations are growing.

And so young people like you we need to help us to save them. Which is one of the missions of our Institute.

If you can share that message with all the other young people, then that would be fabulous, thank you!"

If you want to learn more about Jane Goodall yourself, go to or



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