Someday Dancer Will Make You Want to Twirl


 In the book Someday Dancer by Sarah Rubin teenager Casey Quinn dreams of becoming a professional ballerina. However, her family has very little money and does not have enough for dance lessons.

The Priss, the bully at school, suggests Casey try out for the New York City Ballet even though she would never be able to make it. So Casey starts saving up for a bus ticket. She finally has enough money just in time and goes right from South Carolina to New York. Then it is time for the audition. Things might not go her way at first but with plenty of hard work she might be able to make it.

This book was really good. I think one thing that makes it a very good book is that she dances with Martha Graham and meets George Balanchine who are real live choreographers. The publisher, Chicken House/Scholastic, recommends this book for kids ages 12-18. I think that pretty much girls in middle or high school would like this book.

Someday Dancer has a lot of detail and has a great story. The author does use a couple ballet terms because that is what the book is about, ballet and dancing. However, you could still enjoy and understand the rest of the book if you didn’t know those couple words. Since I am a dancer I think it helped me understand the book a little better but you really wouldn’t have to be a dancer to enjoy this book. So, overall Someday Dancer is a great book