President Barack Obama at CSU


Is it really all that possible to get chills on a 95° day, while standing outside in the baking hot sun?

Is it really all that possible to get chills on a 95° day, while standing outside in the baking hot sun? Well let me tell you that it is possible if you are listening to the President of the United States.

President Barack Obama was at CSU in Fort Collins on August 28th, speaking to students, who he calls the next generation of voters. There was a crowd of over 13,000 and I was lucky enough to attend this event with enthusiastic people of every color and age. It is the first time a sitting US President has visited the university. I am not old enough to vote yet, but I sure was inspired to do so. Obama told the the students, "Your generation can choose the path we take this country in." With so many students present, President Obama repeatedly talked about how important it is to be registered to vote. He also spoke about affordable education, the economy, human rights, tax reductions and health care for all. He made every person feel that they really had a voice through their vote.
The president talked about renewable energy, because that is a hot topic at CSU and throughout Colorado. He also addressed veterans causes and needs, saying that these returning soldiers really need support and assistance. President Obama wants to help schools by hiring more teachers, and by making college possible for everyone. The crowd roared as he even mentioned that he and his wife had paid off their college loans about 8 years ago, which tells everyone that he cares and knows what it’s like. The president repeatedly returned to the topics human rights, equal rights for all, and health care. Many of these topics effect the middle class families of America, and Obama feels that his opponents seem to be out of touch with that very large portion of voting citizens.
I think that all of these ideas and topics are important for kids to learn about because we are all affected the outcome of the upcoming election. Ask questions and find out for yourself by reading the paper and doing your own research. That was why I wanted to see the president speak. I was able to talk to a couple of kids at the event and they were very excited to be there. James Pedrosa, age 8, said that Obama’s speech was very inspiring. He thought that his support of education was important, saying that “Education is important to get a good job”. I also talked to 14 year old Gabe Nugent. He echoed what James said, feeling Obama’s words on education were key, and found the speech moving. Gabe said he was inspired to make a difference however he could. Everyone I spoke with used the word "inspiring" to describe the event and I agree whole heartedly. It was fun to see a crowd so positive and upbeat.
President Obama is the first U.S. sitting president to ever visit CSU. He also visited in 2008 before being elected, and they crowd certainly appreciated his return. I have seen him twice now, standing in the sweltering sunshine with blue skies above. I feel lucky to be able to get my information from the president himself, rather than relying on information that could be misleading. Everyone should take advantage of such an opportunity. And even if it is 95° outside, you too may find yourself getting goose bumps!