Volunteer Opportunities for Young People Everywhere


Do you want to help out your community, and have fun doing it? Then pay close attention, because this is for you.

Do you want to help out your community, and have fun doing it? Then pay close attention, because this is for you.
Have you ever felt the need to help your community, but you want to have fun while you do it, or are having trouble finding places that will take kids or teens as volunteers Here are three places that take young volunteers, as well as the kind of work you can do, and how to sign up.

This is an opportunity perfect for pet lovers everywhere. With multiple locations all across the country, PetSmart is easily accessible to all. At PetSmart, you have the option to play with the cats or dogs. You can volunteer if you’re under 18, but you’ll need adult supervision. This is still a great opportunity for kids and teens, because all your parents have to do is be there just in case you need help, and you can still work independently. If you decide to become a volunteer at PetSmart, you will have the chance to play with the dogs and/or cats, clean their cages, and make sure they have fresh food and water. You can become a volunteer in three easy steps.
Get your parent’s permission and then:
1. Ask the store cashier about volunteering.
2. Fill out a few sheets of paper, and have the store volunteer coordinator review them.
3. Pull up your sleeves and have a good time!

Jefferson County Public Library
If you are a book lover who’s always longed to work at the library, then here’s your dream opportunity. With ten locations scattered throughout Colorado, almost anyone can get to one of the library locations quickly. The age requirement is 13+, but if the librarians think you a responsible enough, they will allow you to volunteer at a younger age. Volunteer opportunities at the library include helping with special events, program assistance, outreach, and library projects. To become a volunteer, go to jeffcolibrary.org and click on Library and Community Info. Then click on library info. Then click on the word volunteer, which is in the bottom right corner, and click volunteer now. A screen will pop up with some questions on it. Answer the questions, click submit, and a librarian will contact you shortly about volunteering. So get out all you bookworms, and volunteer for your local Jeffco library.

Food Pantry
For all those who have a passion for helping the homeless and hungry, volunteering at a food pantry is a great opportunity. At a food pantry, you have the choice between helping out at special events, such as packaging meals for Thanksgiving, or to do regular work, such as sorting and shelving food, cooking, and gardening. Most food pantries accept volunteers of all ages, and will give you tasks according to your age and ability level. Many food pantries have a website where you can sign up to volunteer, while with others, you can just show up and ask, “How can I help?” So no matter how old you are or how experienced you are, your request to volunteer at a food bank will surely be welcomed.

If you are young and want to help out your community, try one of these volunteer options, and see that just because you are young doesn’t mean you can’t make a difference!